When You Get Into Trouble, Nurse From Your Holy Qur’an

The Holy Qur’an, which is the book of scripture of the Muslims, has been vilified as a text of terror in the modern age of East versus West. Yet Islam continues to grow and is often cited as the fastest … Continue reading

Complete Dictionary of The Supreme Wisdom Lessons

“But there is more to be understood in the words.” The following dictionary of words that make up the Supreme Wisdom Lessons is designed to be a reference and study tool for those who seek to gain deeper and deeper … Continue reading

An Invincible Truth: The Hon. Elijah Muhammad Pittsburgh Courier Articles Collection

A Special New Book that is affectionately referred to as “the Seminary of Minister Louis Farrakhan.”  It contains all of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhamad’s early writings, specifically the 3 years worth of articles published in the historic “Negro Press … Continue reading