ResearchMinister.Com publishes the following response written by Brother Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad.  He is Minister Farrakhan’s Southwest Regional  Representative based in Houstion, TX.  He holds a Ph.D in Urban Planning and is a community activist.  He has written a response to the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion piece published on January 4, 2019 by Jeryl Bier.  We thank Dr. Muhammad  for permitting us the opportunity to share this article that rebuts and unravels the propaganda piece published in the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Bier added his name to the pantheon of anti-poor, anti-Black, faux conservative writers that (dis)grace the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal.

How does a mere “accountant and a freelance writer” get published in the prestigious Wall Street Journal unless he or she fulfills the editorial board’s broader agenda? The broader agenda is to destroy or marginalize any leader or social formation that seeks just compensation for fortunes made on Wall Street on the backs of Black people in particular and the poor in general. In other words, the Journal uses people like sock puppets to maintain the status quo.

Mr. Bier enumerated a litany of meetings over the past 25 years between Black political leaders and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So, allow us to present a partial list of the centuries of Jewish and Gentile crimes against our humanity and utilize Mr. Bier’s accounting language to calculate America’s spiritual debits and credits.

African slavery and Black exploitation are evidenced on the general ledgers and corporate genealogies of many of Wall Street’s juggernauts of finance, insurance, shipping and manufacturing. Calculate the accrued expense of Wall Street firms and Ivy League Universities from income generated from Black slave labor and Black bodies used as capital from 1555 to 1865. Estimate the return on investment, after our “emancipation,” generated on Wall Street from Black convict leasing and sharecropping when “cotton was king” and served as America’s number one export.

Add the value of the wage theft of Black labor to the balance sheets of Wall Street firms during the two “Great Migrations” of 1916-1940 and 1940-1970 to the Northeast, Midwest and West. Lastly, calculate the net value of the land stolen from Black people through tax and bank foreclosures schemes, judicial misconduct, eminent domain and outright fraud over the past 154 years. This does not include the revenue generated from private prisons traded on Wall Street that house so many Black prisoners. Add it up! What is owed us Mr. Bier? Wall Street Journal? Millions? Billions? Trillions?

After all the media smears, economic sanctions, and political machinations against Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have failed, America’s last resort will be an attempt to load Black Muslim men, women and children and our supporters into box cars and do to us what the monsters of Nazi Germany did to their opposition. On the other hand, the alternative is for American Jews and Gentiles to have a face to face public discussion or debate about what The Muslims Want and Believe. Defeat our arguments and ideas if you can. After all, isn’t that the “American way”?

“The Farrakhan Litmus Test” for Black politicians and the ongoing Jewish and Gentile Kristallnacht against Black Muslim businesses is creating a backlash and will only increase the divide between Black and Jewish/White communities. Stop trying to place the Nation of Islam in a racial, economic and political framework or box. The basis of our our existence and dispute with the Jewish community and White America is theological, not racial, economic or political. Take note, this dispute will only be resolved through dialogue, atonement and justice.

Finally, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are Eternal Revenue Service agents (ERS not IRS) raised by Allah (God) to collect the divine debt America owes Black people and the poor of this nation. No amount of accounting wizardry or poison pen op-Eds will erase the long-term spiritual liabilities both Jews and Gentiles have accrued on America’s balance sheet. The Nation of Islam led by Minister Farrakhan is pro-free market, pro-family, pro-life, pro-self help, pro-school choice and most importantly, pro-religious freedom. Be advised, We, nor the debt owed us, are going away. In the end, America will pay its debt or be declared insolvent by God Himself.


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