Farrakhan Says What Blacks Privately Believe, But Fear Saying

bill raspberry

Columnist William Raspberry

(The following quote from Pulitzer Prize winning columnist William Raspberry helps to offer some perspective to the ongoing controversy between the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Jewish groups who have inaccurately labeled him as anti-Semitic.  If William Raspberry’s asessment is true, then we can clearly see the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as the most courageous among the Black populace at large and as the vessel through whom an enlightened Black zeitgeist is expressed.  Therefore in this quote we arrive at more documentation for our claim of the uniqueness of  Minister Farrakhan that many believe is caused by a special spiritual endowment that manifests itself in Minister Farrakhan’s peerless abilities, indominable strength and deep well-spring of compassion and love.)

“Farrakhan says what so many black people believe but have learned not to say in public: for instance, that Jews wield tremendous influence in the news and entertainment media. That doesn’t mean that most blacks accept Farrakhan’s notion of a small Jewish cabal that meets in Hollywood or in a Park Avenue apartment to decide which ideas and trends are to be foisted off on the public. But few of us doubt the disproportionate influence of Jews-for good or ill- on what we see on television or in the movies. Nor do blacks doubt the disproportionate influence of Jews on American foreign policy, particularly with regard to political and economic support of Israel. But we also know that to say these things is to be accused of antisemitism. That’s why blacks can cheer when Farrakhan says them, even in gross overstatement.”-Raspberry, William, The Washington Post, March 2, 1990