The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s influence among the artists is great.  In a future a post we document that the corruption of the Hip-Hop phenomenon was designed and executed to destroy the influence of Minister Farrakhan on the world’s most popular form of music.  It is good to see that despite the powerful work of Satan, he has not completely “put out the light of Allah (God)” that Minister Farrakhan has lit inside the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters in the world of entertainment.  We pray that they do more of reflecting on the Minister’s message to them and come into alignment with the higher principles from which Allah (God) Himself has given to the world music.

I watched him on The Breakfast Club—the whole interview—and the way that he speaks and empowers our youth, I think that commands attention.  It really got mine. I loved the approach that he took talking about this newer generation. With media and the government, what they’re doing is labeling our youth as this and that, but they have us in these situations where we can’t better ourselves, so we’re forced to deal with what it is they’re throwing at us.  But the way that the Minister is approaching it is a solid way.  It is opening a lot of doors. The way that he’s attacking it—we’re going to see in the next coming months. People are just gaining awareness and a lot of doors are going to open.  A lot of people are going to be ready to ride.

I think that he’s one of the last powerful real true leaders that we have and that people should take as many pictures and open their ears as much as they can before he decides to sit it down.  I think it’s remarkable and  I think when you talk about figures like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and you talk about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and you talk about Brother Malcolm and just really amazing Black historical leaders, I feel like Minister Farrakhan is the last of that era, and it doesn’t need to be taken lightly.  (A. Muhammad, Rapper The Game says: ‘A lot of people are going to be ready to ride’ with Farrakhan – #JusticeOrElse 2015)


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