PROF. DYSON: “Farrakhan won’t kowtow and genuflect…”

PROF. DYSON: “Farrakhan won’t kowtow and genuflect…”
January 11, 2019 No Comments Blog Demetric Muhammad

ResearchMinister.Com cites the esteemed and brilliant Professor Michael Eric Dyson as he describes his analysis on the great love among Black people for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Allah (God) has made our beloved Minister fearless, and the Black community-as a result- yearn to hear him speak those uncomfortable yet necessary truths that need to be spoken to both the powerful and the poor. More of these testimonies that vindicate Minister Farrakhan are found inside the book WHO DO THEY SAY I AM?: The Vindication of Minister Louis Farrakhan

“And despite the outer perimeters of controversy that attach to Minister Farrakhan, I think Black people always understood that this was a man who loved Black people, who engaged Black people where they lived, and long before rap singers where talking about keeping it real, Minister Farrakhan was speaking truth to power…  His ability to tell what’s on his mind that most Black people love him for, because we have so many leaders who kowtow and genuflect before the shrine of popularity, who don’t want to speak their mind because they think it might hurt their bottom line…For the first time in African American history; a non-Christian leader is a significant, if not the significant leader within Black America” (Black Entertainment Television 2003)

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