Professor Martha F. Lee says Nation of Islam Never Been Violent

The Southern Poverty Law Center has always lied and said that the Nation of Islam is a hate group.  Yet the facts in reality prove that the Nation of Islam has always been non-violent.  As Muslims, the Nation of Islam has always lived by the Holy Qur’an’s teaching that Allah(God) is never in support of aggressors, but prescribes that Muslims should  fight to defend themselves  as a response to acts of aggression committed against them .


University of Windsor Professor Martha F. Lee has researched and written extensively about the Nation of Islam.  She is not a member of the Nation of Islam and provides an interesting commentary that we offer to refute the slander and propaganda of the Southern Poverty Law Center who recently spoke out against the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s speech to Black College Students in Tuskegee Alabama at the historic University of Tuskegee.  Her conclusion is rather revealing.  Professor Lee concludes that the Nation of Islam is not violent.  We therefore ask how can the Nation of Islam be a hate group if it has no history nor any future intent of practicing violence. 

The following quote is excerpted from Professor Lee’s contribution the book

Violence in New Religious Movements



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