San Francisco Minister: Minister Farrakhan’s Detractors, the Real Enemies of Oppressed Masses

ResearchMinister.Com publishes below the response of Student Minister Christopher Muhammad.  He is Minister Farrakhan’s Representative in San Francisco, California and is an activist for justice and the rights of the poor in the Bay Area. His rebuke of Jeff Dunetz is a welcomed addition to the growing number of voices that are rising to rebut the constant barrage of propaganda aimed at injuring Black progress, and the progress of the poor throughout America, by assailing, haranguing and slandering the strongest advocate for the poor and the downtrodden – the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  We are honored to be allowed to share Minister Christopher’s condemnation of Mr. Dunetz’s reckless opinions.

Student Minister Christopher’s Reply to The Jewish Star Article by Jeff Dunetz:

“Mr.Dunetz, your “Putrid”, “Hate-Filled” article on Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, repeating the timeworn, oft-repeated, “Big Lie” Propaganda quotes, “reeks” with the “Stench” of Journalistic Desperation.  You even stooped so low, as to quote the ADL, the long discredited and widely condemned, Criminal, “Spy” operation, masquerading as a “Civil Rights” organization.

You (and those who Think and Write like you), are obviously at your “Wits End” over your inability to stop the Rise and Success of Minster Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam’s Exemplary Work of Prison Reform.  Even Sincere Critics of the Nation of Islam, readily acknowledge and praise its decades long, track record of Good Work in this vital area of Human Reformation and Development.

No sincere person of Good Will and “Sound Mind” opposes the Nation of Islam’s noble work of transforming lives and making Communities safe and decent places to live.  However, You (and those who Think and Write like you), are not upset with the “Prison Industrial Complex” and the “School to Prison” pipeline, that continues to plague and victimize Black and Oppressed people.
Minister Farrakhan and The Nation Of Islam is Universally recognized as the Last Hope to solve the myriad of Problems plaguing Black and Oppressed Communities, which is WHY you Oppose Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam so Vehemently.

So I encourage you (and those who Think and Write like you) to keep spewing your “Hate” and keep repeating the “Big Lies”, as you have, for the last 35 years against Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.  You’re only helping the masses of Black and Oppressed People to see you (and those who Think and Write like you) as you really are, The Real (and last) Enemy Of their Rise.

So Keep up the “Good” work Mr. Dunetz.


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