Tag: Nation of Islam

Tag: Nation of Islam

The Magnificent & Brilliant Professor Toni Morrison: An Oracle For Her People and Their God
August 22, 2019 Blog admin

 “It does not befit Allah to address any human being except by inspiration, or from behind a veil, or He sends a messenger who then reveals by His permission whatever He wills. He is indeed Most High, All-Wise.” –Holy Qur’an 42:51 Aisha Bewley Translation Throughou Read More

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LONG BEFORE 9/11: Islamophobia & White Supremacy Adversaries to Black Freedom & Progress
March 28, 2019 Blog Demetric Muhammad

The Loss of Our Muslim Brothers & Sisters It is with deep sadness, pain and surreal shock that I have watched and beheld the news coverage of the terrible act of terror and evil that was visited upon my Muslim brothers and sisters in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The fact tha Read More

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What is Saviours’ Day
February 27, 2019 Blog Demetric Muhammad

Each year I am so happy and filled with joy to be able to experience once again February 26th  and reflect upon the great blessing and extraordinary gift we have received.  February 26, 1877 is the birth date of The Great Mahdi, Master Wallace Fard Muhammad.  The celebration Read More

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ADL’s Threat to Punish Friends of Farrakhan
December 2, 2018 Blog admin

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been the victim of a vicious and malicious propaganda campaign designed to weaken him and make him to retreat from his bold challenge to the powerful forces of the continued oppression and exploitation of the Black community.  Instead Read More

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Why Farrakhan Is Loved By Black America & Is Always Welcomed Among Us!
September 8, 2018 Uncategorized Demetric Muhammad

We owe no one an explanation for why we love the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  However, the “homegoing celebration”/memorial and funeral of our dear sister Aretha Franklin provides a teachable moment for us.  White America’s disapproval of our beloved M Read More

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Minister Farrakhan Has Defended the Black Community; Will Black People Return the Favor?
March 9, 2018 Blog, Special Report Demetric Muhammad

The tired and trite 1980’s era politics or the Farrakhan Litmus Test has appeared again on the national political landscape.  This highly disrespectful political manuever that -more than anything else- shows the breadth and scope of Jewish paternalism was even lampooned on Read More

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How Minister Farrakhan’s Jewish Controversy Marks Him As The “Jesus” of Our Time
February 14, 2018 Blog Demetric Muhammad

Click the image below to read our latest essay. Join us in the effort to clear the good name of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan by sharing this article in your various social media platforms and printing it and sharing physical copies with family, friends and colleagues.  Read More

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New Book Now Available: Hail Elijah
July 5, 2017 Books Demetric Muhammad

Now Available Our Latest Book Release Hail Elijah! “It hurts me that the people honor the students and cover (hide) the great Teacher of us all: The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.” -Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan “I do not understand professionally and journalistically Read More

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The “No-Show Paradox”: Can Blacks Get What We Want By Not Voting ?
November 7, 2016 Blog Demetric Muhammad

New Essay… The “No-Show Paradox”: Can Blacks Get What We Want By Not Voting ? (Click Cover Image to Read New Essay) Read More

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Who Do They Say I Am? : The Vindication of Minister Louis Farrakhan (New Expanded 2nd Edition)
October 28, 2016 Books Demetric Muhammad

Now Available: Who Do They Say I Am? : The Vindication of Minister Louis Farrakhan [Expanded 2nd Edition] Despite powerful forces converging to thwart the necessary and effective ministry of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, he yet has amassed a long record of impacting an Read More

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Bill Cosby Controversy: Rape, Race, and Revolution
August 28, 2016 DVD Demetric Muhammad

A careful and methodical exploration of the rape charges against legendary comedian, philanthropist and actor Bill Cosby.  A survey and historical overview of the specific charges agains Mr. Cosby and an exploration of the charge of rape in the history of the Black community.  Read More

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Complete Dictionary of The Supreme Wisdom Lessons
August 2, 2016 Books Demetric Muhammad

“But there is more to be understood in the words.” The following dictionary of words that make up the Supreme Wisdom Lessons is designed to be a reference and study tool for those who seek to gain deeper and deeper understanding of this profound body of knowledge affectionate Read More

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