Dr. King and Hon. Elijah Muhammad: “Christmas, Rich Man’s Pagan Holiday”

Click below to read Dr. King’s surprising theological understanding on the pagan origin of the Christmas holiday that harmonizes with the views of the eternal leader of the Nation of Islam-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Click Image Below Read More

An Invincible Truth: The Hon. Elijah Muhammad Pittsburgh Courier Articles Collection

A Special New Book that is affectionately referred to as “the Seminary of Minister Louis Farrakhan.”  It contains all of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhamad’s early writings, specifically the 3 years worth of articles published in the historic “Negro Press … Continue reading

Part 2: Happy September 17th!!

In part 2 of our article series that discusses the fascinating intersections between the subjects of theology, ufology and Black liberation. The Nation of Islam teachings is unique lens from which to view these fields. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s teaching on the Great Mother Wheel as the Sweet Chariot of God coming to deliver Black people and punish their tormentors is a powerful theme often overlooked by modern UFO researchers. This series also documents and demonstrates the implications of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s close encounter with the Great Mother Wheel. Continue reading

Happy September 17th

The anniversary of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s more than a “vision-like” experience provides for us an opportunity to discuss the very intriguing intersections of theology, ufology and the yearning of Black people for liberation. Continue reading