Water into Wine: The Intoxicating Ministry of Minister Louis Farrakhan

When I first read the following candid testimony from Brother Kevin Powell, the famous legendary  scholar and writer I thought about what the Bible says of Jesus and his turning water into wine.  Minister Farrakhan once offered a very powerful and cogent exegesis of this scripture.  He said that Jesus turning water into wine is a reference to Jesus’  ability to take what had become “dead-letter” scriptures, scriptures  that had been being preached to the people from a ritualistic, ceremonial kind of “going through the motions” type of way.  Jesus used these same scriptures and gave them  a contemporary context, interpretation, and application.  And the effect of Jesus preaching, on those who listened, was that they became enlivened by  the old Word of God that Jesus had given the new and proper interpretation to.  So like one who is consuming wine, those who listen to and believe in the new interpretation that Jesus gave, began to think differently and act differently and became more passionate and animated in the path of righteousness.  And journalist Kevin Powell’s perspective on Minister Farrakhan is a modern parallel to this episode of Jesus’ life and work, as it is recorded in the Bible’s New Testament

“God knows, when I heard Farrakhan, I had never heard a black man talk like that. It blew my mind, absolutely blew my mind, It was intoxicating, as intoxicating as crack was for a lot of people in our community in the ’80s.” (Cheney 2005)”

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