When White Men Vindicate Strong Black Leadership

Professor of Religion, Andre C. Willis said of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan:

“There is simply no Black person in the world that has — over so many years — been as consistent, as unrestricted, and as forthright in defending the humanity of Black people throughout the world against its attackers.”

Now this powerful and candid expression, is a testament to the truth of Minister Farrakhan’s role and function among Black people in America.  He is always there to challenge the various institutions of white supremacy on behalf of the Black community.  He has risked his life to expose hidden plans and threats that are designed to harm and commit genocide against the Black community.  He refuses to condemn and cast any kind of self-righteous, moral judgements against even the most bad acting ones among us.  And he is willing to personally spend time with those of us who get into distress or trouble so that he can pastor and encourage us to be strong and of good cheer.  So, I add to what Professor Willis states about the Minister being our greatest defender, and say that he is also our greatest brother, friend, ‘encourage-er’ and the one among us that sets THE example that we all should emulate in order to actually live what we all talk about when we extol the virtues of Black love and unity.

We all, in the Black community, owe the Minister a debt of gratitude.  And we owe him our allegiance and brotherly solidarity, where we stand with him and protect and defend him against his critics.   We must understand that Minister Farrakhan’s detractors and enemies hate him because of his positive impact on the Black community.  They know if we all listen to the Minister and follow the wisdom of his teachings, we will become a people that are impervious to any and all kinds of continued oppression, exploitation and assault.  So, as a people we should always stand up for the Minister.  We owe him that, and we owe our Creator that.  All cultures, faith traditions and spiritual systems encourage and promote that we treat others the way we want to be treated.  We can apply that where the Minister is concerned.  We can apply that where strong Black leadership is concerned.  We can apply that in our inter-personal lives.  It is, after all, the Golden Rule of human conduct.

This post is to share some important statements from important members of the white community.  These men have chosen to be honest and courageous in their defense of Minister Farrakhan.  We add their voices to the growing chorus of fair minded men and women who refuse to allow a good man like the Minister to continue to be crucified in the court of public opinion.

Former President Ronald Reagan advisor and legendary economist Jude Wanniski offered the following

Promient spiritual leader and community activist Father Michael Pfleger shared the following in response to the anti-Farrakhan smear campaign led by the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’Rith.

Orthodox Jewish Group, Neturei Karta spoke on behalf of Minister Farrakhan when they offered the following:

“The media widely reported that the Minister had referred to Judaism as a ‘gutter religion.’ This error (or distortion) was deeply troubling to the Nation of Islam. The reason was that in Minister Farrakhan’s vocabulary the phrase ‘dirty religion’ has a particular meaning. It referred to adherents of a faith who sinned against the tenets of that faith. The ‘dirty religion’ is the distorted faith which emerges from its manipulation by hypocrites or sinners…. The use of ‘dirty religion’ in the Minister’s lexicon could have been discovered by any researcher interested in generating light instead of heat,”

University Chaplain William E. Alberts, in his excellent Trotter Report analysis of the media’s mistreatment of Minister Farrakhan shared the following:

“Why has Farrakhan been branded a pariah by mainstream media? This writer believes it is because he represents a serious threat to America’s racial hierarchy. The hierarchy cannot control or buy his accommodation or “integration” as a Black leader. He dares to point out and challenge the “white supremacy” of the “founding fathers,” forcing White America to recognize and deal with the fact that many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, which declared freedom and equality for all, were themselves slave holders, and that even “Honest Abe” had a racist “wart” or two that can no longer be covered up. Farrakhan also has the power to initiate a call that led at least twice, and possibly three or more times as many African-American men to respond as the U.S. Park Police counted – in spite of all the print aimed at discrediting the Nation of Islam leader and derailing the March.”


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