During Ramadan each believer participates in the inspiring practice of the daily reading of the Holy Qur’an.  And as our minds drink in each and every ayat(verse) during our 30-day period of intense exposure to the whole of the Qur’anic text, we become inspired, motivated and spiritually impacted in a very personal way by the beautiful and profound words of Allah(God). It is so amazing that this practice of reading the entire Holy Qur’an each year creates for the believer an experience that makes the Holy Qur’an appear to be a brand new book, even though it has been preserved in its original Arabic for 14 centuries.

The 2022 edition of the Ramadan Quranic Reading Journal and History Digest is themed “YOU ARE THE BEST NATION RAISE AMONG MEN.”  This theme is drawn from the ayat within the Holy Qur’an in Surah 3, wherein it reads in the 110th ayat the following: “You are the best nation raised up for men: you enjoin good and forbid evil and you believe in Allah….”  This ayat best describes the Nation of Islam in America.  The Nation of Islam in America has a sterling record of reforming the downtrodden and a legacy of inspiring and guiding all who have subscribed to its message.  This volume features a special annotated version of the Muslim Program to show it as an outgrowth of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s study of his favorite book, The Holy Qur’an.
This daily journal provides an opportunity for the believer to write down and preserve their thoughts and impressions on each days Qur’anic reading.  And since fasting facilitates mental, physical and spiritual purification, the creative energy within the mind of the believer is heightened during the month of Ramadan.  So this journal serves as a place to store and document the many creative ideas and spiritual insights that come about as a result of our special focus on Allah(God) throughout the month of Ramadan.
Along with the opportunity to use our pens to capture our thoughts during our Ramadan experience, this unique volume doubles as a historical digest.  Throughout the journal you will find various pieces of history from the archives of the Nation of Islam in America.  There has also been included more than 40 hadiths of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh/saw) along with quotes and excerpts from the treasury of wisdom contained in the life-giving teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
Enjoy this very useful volume as a companion to your Ramadan reading of the Holy Qur’an.