FREE GIFT : “The Word of Allah To Minister Unto The Heart of The Believer”

As Salaam Alaikum,

We are very happy and thankful for your support and readership.  We wanted to offer a gift to the believers that will help them to access the themes within the Holy Qur’an that give guidance, support, encouragement and motivation to the believers who may be going through a difficult time in life.  We all go through various trials, tribulations and suffering.  Yet we know that Allah(God) is our Patron, Protector, Provider and Friend.

I have come to know that it is my pain that paves the path to my prayers.  And it is my suffering that yields for me the greatest wisdom and insight.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a magnificent lecture once entitled “Where Would We Be Without Pain.”  During that lecture he alternated standing and sitting positions-something extremely rare for the always vibrant Minister Farrakhan-because he was suffering sciatic nerve pain.  Yet he ministered, in spite of his own personal physical pain, to a packed sanctuary.  And even though the teacher was in pain; the students’ pain was ever being relieved the longer the teacher-Minister Farrakhan-taught. What a magnificent example!

So please enjoy the little gift that I actually prepared for myself as something of a mini play-book, similar to what quarterbacks wear on their arms to remember the plays that they need to guide the team to victory.  We pray that it will prove useful and beneficial as you move towards victory in your own life as a sincere believer, skilled professional, talented artist, community stake-holder and beloved member of your family.

Peace and Love Always,

Brother Demetric Muhammad

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