Now Available (updated & revised)… “How-To Police The Black Community”

“THE INJUSTICE done to the Black Man in his community by the police officer’s commission by white police officials and the city’s mayor, has come to the point where if the city government, county government, state government and the U.S.A. government in general do not do something to correct this injustice, we are going to have one of the worst inside revolutions that Black and white ever have witnessed (one or the other will be lost).”

Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad


“The literature clearly establishes that a legally sanctioned law enforcement system existed in America before the Civil War for the express purpose of controlling the slave population and protecting the interests of slave owners. The similarities between the slave patrols and modern American policing are too salient to dismiss or ignore. Hence, the slave patrol should be considered a forerunner of modern American law enforcement.  Although informal policing mechanisms began in the colonial period, the emergence of a semi-formal, organized policing force can be traced to slavery.  Slave patrols were vested with virtually unlimited coercive authority in their charge to monitor the movement of slaves and track down runaways. … Patrollers were widely feared by slaves, since whippings and other extremely violent actions were not uncommon.”

-Williams and Murphy, 1990; Reichel, 1999.