Professor Derrick Bell Lauds Farrakhan

Professor Derrick Bell

(Harvard Law School Professor and New York University Law School Professor who maintained a decorated career as a civil rights attorney, legal scholar, professor and political activist.)



“Anything out of the accepted is seen as a problem, by an awful lot of us. When Lewis Farrakhan speaks to his audience he upsets a hell of a lot of white people, you see. But while he is speaking to the needs and the hopes and what have you, of the people to whom he is speaking, and that’s just going to happen.  I see Lewis Farrakhan as a great hero for the people. I don’t agree with everything he says, and some of his tactics, but hell, I don’t agree with everything anybody says.” (1992 episode of PBS’s MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour)

“Smart and super articulate, Minister Farrakhan is perhaps the best living example of a black man ready, willing and able to ‘tell it like it is’ regarding who is responsible for racism in this country …. every black person important enough to be interviewed is asked to condemn Minister Farrakhan–or any other truly outspoken black leader. “(Faces At The Bottom of The Well)