Farrakhan is My Hero…Bruce Willis Historic Quote

Personal testimony of how Minister Farrakhan is sincerely admired by

Prominent Americans

ImageActor and Celebrity Bruce Willis

Like a character in one of his movies, Bruce Willis came out blazing with both barrels in a George magazine interview, calling Bob Dole a “nitwit,” pronouncing Louis Farrakhan “a hero of mine” and declaring that organized religions are “dying forms.”  The “Die Hard” star told the political magazine edited by John F. Kennedy Jr. that if he were black, “I’d be with Farrakhan, too.”

“A lot of people feel Louis Farrakhan stands for a lot of negative things,” Willis said of the Nation of Islam leader. “But he is raising his voice against inequality. Anyone who stands up against injustice is a hero of mine.”  Willis also said he switched from Democrat to Republican in 1992 and supported President Bush for re-election because he felt Bill Clinton’s campaign was too divisive. But he sat out the 1996 election between Dole and President Clinton because he considered the Republican “a nitwit.”

ImageWillis also criticized organized religions, which he called “dying forms.”  “Modern religion is the end trail of modern mythology,” he said. “But there are people who interpret the Bible literally. Literally! I choose not to believe that’s the way. And that’s what makes America cool, you know?”-Associated Press June 15, 1998.

Note: After pressure from Abraham Foxman and the ADL, Mr. Willis recanted his sincere appreciation for Minister Farrakhan.

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