Farrakhan Is Not An Anti-Semite: The Testimony of Jews and Whites

Farrakhan Is Not An Anti-Semite: The Testimony of Jews and Whites

Image  Motivational Speaker George Ohare

“Any religion that does not feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned is a gutter religion. Whether it a Catholic gutter religion, whether its Islam, whether its Jewish and so on.  I ‘m not sure that’s the same words he said but it was to that effect and as a result it went on the airwaves and right away all hell broke loose.”

Image  Economist and Presidential Adviser Jude Wanniski

“I believe Minister Farrakhan is the most important Muslim leader in the world, who can best represent the concerns of the Islamic world to our government.  I have spent countless hours with him…I told him this morning that no one had yet come forward with proof that he ever said, ‘Judaism is a gutter religion,’ or ‘dirty religion,’ as I have an outstanding offer of $1000 to anyone who can.”




Father Michael Pfleger


“He has–first of all; he has not called Judaism a gutter religion of blood suckers. That is not what he has said because I have heard that talk. I stick up for Louis Farrakhan because he is another person that the media has chosen to define how they want to do it. And they demonize how they want to demonize somebody. I know the man, Louis Farrakhan. He is a great man.”

ImageTorah Jewish Group Neturei Karta

“The media widely reported that the Minister had referred to Judaism as a ‘gutter religion.’ This error (or distortion) was deeply troubling to the Nation of Islam. The reason was that in Minister Farrakhan’s vocabulary the phrase ‘dirty religion’ has a particular meaning. It referred to adherents of a faith who sinned against the tenets of that faith. The ‘dirty religion’ is the distorted faith which emerges from its manipulation by hypocrites or sinners…. The use of ‘dirty religion’ in the Minister’s lexicon could have been discovered by any researcher interested in generating light instead of heat,”

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