Gloria Naylor: ” Nation of Islam Offers Darn Good Prescription For My People.”

Prolific and award winning writer and author of the hugely successful book and movie The Women of Brewster Place, author Gloria Naylor went on record about her feelings toward the historic Million Man March called by the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan.  The candid testimony of one of Black America’s luminaries and laureates further disproves the lies and false narratives promulgated by the critics and adversaries of the Nation of Islam.  We remember our dear sister with love and respect, for she passed away and made her transition from this life in 2016.  May Allah be pleased.

…there are a lot of issues that I’ve thought about since the Million Man March.  I don’t know, I was very moved by what I saw, as were many people.  And maybe it was just a little bit different for me because we had just lost my father.  That would have been his idea of the impossible, you know.  Having a kid who went to Yale was for him the equivalent of the fact that men could walk on the moon.  And he had lived long enough to see both happen.  And the Million Man March would have been his third miracle, to have watched that many men come together.  Because he followed Malcolm X for many years, and then Louis Farrakhan.  And there’s a lot of sane talk coming from those guys.  And we’re asked to emphasize the insane stuff they do, but for me nine-tenths of the weight is on the prescription they have for my people, and I think it’s a darn good one.  I believe we should try self-determination.  We tried integration, and that didn’t work.  And at some point people have got to start realizing that.  It has not worked.  Integration hasn’t worked.  So, where do we go from here? But we never get into that conversation…” (Montgomery 2004)